5 ways OUR social media can help YOUR business

September 27, 2016

Being a follower isn’t always a bad thing.

Why do we follow people on social media? Sure, there’s the odd aunt we kind of need to have on Facebook or that cousin with an online tea business that you don’t mind helping out. But as a business, it’s important to keep other businesses and people that give you VALUE within your social circle. We could ask you to like and follow all our pages, but then what’s in it for you? This list will show you exactly that.

Keeping up to date 

In social media, if you aren’t keeping current then you’re out of the loop. Think of it as walking into a party and trying to join in on a conversation. If you have no idea what everyone is talking about then you don’t have anything to contribute to the conversation. You’re left on the sidelines. Our Facebook page is regularly updated with popular ads and articles about news in the business world to keep you in the loop.


Deciding what to post

You’re a new business getting started with social media and you have no idea what you should be posting. Is it fine to post the same thing from Facebook to Twitter? What about sharing Instagram posts on Pinterest? A fantastic way to learn is by example. You’ll notice that while we do share some things on multiple platforms, each one has its own customized content. Following us on platforms relevant to you, say Facebook and Twitter, can help you decide what sort of content to post for your business.

Creating your own brand

If you’re just starting with branding it can be hard to figure out how to present your business. Or what you need to create a cohesive brand. Our Pinterest page has tons of inspiration for branding design and packaging that we love. You can get a better idea of what’s possible for your own brand. PS you can also check out any of our platforms to see the new branding we just rolled out.

Staying motivated

We all have ups and downs during the process of creating a business. And sometimes all you need is something motivating to keep you going. On Instagram, we share photo series of motivational and inspirational words to help encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to keep pursuing their passion. And of course, if you have your own motivational tidbits to share, we’d love to follow you back!

Using video to promote your business

Video is now a huge part of social media marketing. But knowing what sorts of videos to create can be baffling. We post Facebook video ads on our page and have our videos there and on our YouTube account. Following these accounts is an easy way to get an idea of the sort of multimedia strategy you may want to implement for your business.

Get free help with marketing your own business from following our accounts for current social media tips and tricks, inspiration, and meaningful info for entrepreneurs. Trust us, being this kind of follower will pay off.

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