Even the police are doing it.

September 18, 2016

When small town police departments have a better Twitter strategy than your business, it’s time to review your engagement practices.

Timmins Police Service are sending mixed messages and it’s a beautiful thing. They are mastering the art of balance with fun tweets mixed in with their community policing messages. Their engagement is the perfect example of what social media is actually about: relationship building with your community. They’re not trying to sell anything, they are simply sharing timely and engaging information. They’re having a conversation. That one tweet has been reported on across the country (free press!) and is helping paint a positive perception of the service and policing in general. (It’s kind of a big deal.)

As an entrepreneur, that’s exactly what you want to be doing with your twitter and social media engagement as a whole. There are few other opportunities where you have the ability, in 140 characters or less, to positively impact the general perception of your business to those who are listening. And trust me, people are listening. Nearly half the people who follow a brand or business on Twitter are likely to visit that brand’s website…wait, WHAT!?

You heard it, and that’s why nearly 70% of companies are actively engaging with their customers on the growing platform.


If the idea of networking and engaging your target audience doesn’t appeal to you (you may want to reconsider this whole entrepreneurial thing) but some of these other benefits might help you take that leap and send out that first tweet. Aside from that fact that everyone is doing it:

  1. It creates good optics.

  2. It helps you stay on top of your industry trends; and

  3. It will help you refine your brand.

But, we all know that 67% of stats are made up (I made that last one up) so why not figure out for yourself how Twitter can help your business engage your customers in a conversation.